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Optimal facilities for flawless results

section-CuissonAt Refrabec, we pay special attention to control of moisture evaporation from refractory products, a crucial stage for their performance. During curing at the various levels, we strictly follow the temperature rise charts carefully developed by our various suppliers.

To meet all your curing needs quickly

Our Varennes shop has several furnaces for curing refractory concrete and thermal treatment:

  • The main furnace, with a volume of 8,000 cubic feet, is fired by natural gas and provides electronically controlled baking up to 1,500°F;
  • The second furnace, electrically powered with a volume of 125 cubic feet, is capable of electronically controlled baking above 2,000°F;
  • Several other furnaces serve a variety of baking needs.

Our Sorel shop also has electronically controlled natural gas furnaces with a volume of almost 2,500 cubic feet.

Our furnaces are periodically calibrated and have a continuous written temperature recording system. Thermocouples can also be added on request if your project requires.

The addition of this equipment to our manufacturing facilities allows us to supply you with a complete product of superior quality, while significantly reducing production time.

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